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ABC Coral Reef is a children’s book project that I conceptualized and created in 2002 – 2004 as my thesis project for my Master of Fine Arts degree from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA.  

My inspiration to write and illustrate this book developed from my experiences snorkeling in the Philippines wherein I first discovered the magnificent beauty of marine life in the Pacific Ocean.  In 1990, I started painting the “Marine Dreams” underwater series that premiered at the Hiraya Gallery in Manila in 1992, capturing the rapidly eroding Philippine eco-treasure. Hence i created the “ABC Coral Reef” to teach young children the beauty of the coral reefs and tropical marine life in the Pacific Ocean.

The final whimsical color illustrations were executed using watercolor, gouache and color pencil on Arches 140 lb. watercolor paper to display fish in their natural environment.  It was written in alliteration style to give it a rhythmic musical sounding flow. 

A – Annie anemone fish is an awesome artist. 

B – Butterfly fish blow bubbles before breakfast.

C – Chris the crab cuddles Carol clown fish.

D - David the Dolphin dives with Daddy and Mommy.

E - Ernie the eel eats at eight.

F - Frankie foxface fish finds a fortune.

G - Grouper George grins at green algae.

H - Hammerhead Harry hides from Henry.

I - Imperial harp shells inhabit the island.

J - Jelly fish jingle and jive.

K - King Angelfish kisses Kim.

L - Lion fish Larry looks for Lawrence the lobster.

M - Mermaid Maria munches mussels.

N - Nautiluses nuzzle at night.

O -  Oliver Octopus opens oysters.

P - Patrick Puffer fish picks pretty pearls.

Q - Queen Trigger fish quivers and quakes.

R - Ray races around the reef like a rocket.

S - Same and Steve seahorse sing silly songs.

T - Teddy the turtle tangos with Tina Trumpet fish.

U - Urchins live under the ultramarine sea.

V - Velvet Surgeon fish goes on a voyage.

W - Wille the whale winks at wrasses.

X - Xenia sway to the xylophone.

Y - Yellow Tang fish yodels yoo-hoo.

Z - Zebra fish zip zap and zoom.

A glossary at the back of the book provided extra information on the various fish, fauna, and flora words.

ABC Coral Reef was self-published in 2012 as a paperback and launched at the Marunouchi Gallery, New York City during Dee’s 4 man group show.                                       copyright 2012 DULCIE DEE

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